Flax seeds

·         Fibre-rich: 1 tablespoon of these seeds contains almost 8% of your daily intake of fibre. So if you eat a handful of these seeds, it will give you a lot of fibre that is required by the body.

·         Low-calorie snack: Being low in calories, it can help in reducing the extra weight and avoid you from the intake of high calorie junk foods.

·         Because of the presence of omega-3 fatty acids, it can be really helpful in improving the blood flow and contribute to maintaining heart health.

·         Skin-care: The alpha-linoleic acids present in these seeds can help in reducing the dryness of skin and thus improve the quality of the skin.

·         Antioxidants in these seeds avoid the harmful free radicals from entering into the body and causing harm to the immune system.

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